Articles: Responsible Business in the Coronavirus Crisis

What’s in your hand? How businesses can create social value Board Agenda, Apr 2020. How all businesses – even those in unrelated industries – can help in the crisis

Coronavirus crisis – the imperative for responsible businesses Entrepreneur Handbook, Apr 2020. How small businesses – without millions to donate – can play their part

Why you shouldn’t buy dividend-paying stocks that have taken Government support The Telegraph, May 2020.

How to truly lead in a crisis Raconteur, May 2020

Pursuing purpose, not profit, could help businesses grow a bigger pie for all of us City A.M., Mar 2020

Leading by example: How to motivate and inspire your team during the pandemic Forbes, Mar 2020

Articles: Dividends in the Coronavirus Crisis

Why many people misunderstand dividends, and the damage it does Wall Street Journal, June 2020. Follow-up article responding to reader questions, July 2020

Should companies be paying dividends right now? Management Today, May 2020

Articles: General

How great companies deliver both purpose and profit Think at LBS, Oct 2019

What stakeholder capitalism can learn from Milton Friedman Chicago Booth

Business has lost the public’s trust ICSA, The Chartered Governance Institute, May 2020

How business can and should solve social problems Business Fights Poverty, Mar 2020

For everyone to receive a bigger slice, capitalism has to grow the pie The Scotsman, Mar 2020

Articles: For Skeptics

Questioning the Business Case for Purpose Branding Strategy Insider, May 2020. Is the business case for purpose really that strong?

Why ESG investing matters to non-ESG investors AlphaWeek, Feb 2020

Articles: For Directors / Executives

Turn your fans into excited customers with a plan Investor’s Business Daily, May 2020. Focuses on how to put purpose into practice

Do businesses that create value for stakeholders also generate profits for investors? CEO World, Mar 2020

Companies need to grow the pie, not worry about how to split it Board Agenda, Nov 2019

Articles: For Investors

Interview with Sheila Patel, Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management ESG Amplified, May 2020

ESG’s implications for investors ETF Stream, Dec 2019

Articles: For HR Professionals

Social purpose: why investing in and rewarding your employees is all important We Are The City, Mar 2020


How great companies deliver both purpose and profit MacroHive by Bilal Hafeez, former Global Head of FX and Rates Strategy at Nomura, June 2020. Focuses on responsible business and the role of the financial sector, but expands into my personal journey into responsible business, and interests outside finance.

Grow the pie with purpose AND profit A Sustainable Future (Jason Mitchell, Co-Head of Responsible Investing at Man Group), May 2020. Focuses on the “responsible investing” angle.

  • Short overview on Man Group’s website

The choice between people and profits is a false dichotomy. Lead from the Heart (Mark Crowley), Apr 2020. Focuses on the “employee well-being” angle

Growing purpose and profit. Dollars and Change (Prof. Katherine Klein, Wharton Vice Dean for Social Impact), May 2020. Focuses on the evidence for responsible business/investing. Is it actually as strong as most people claim?

Purpose is not a luxury and matters more than ever in a crisis. Punk CX (Adrian Swincoe), July 2020. Summary

Corporate purpose: How can companies create social value? Amplified by Federated Hermes, June 2020

The business value of prioritizing purpose Business Group on Health, July 2020

Delivering purpose and profit. Headspring (a joint venture between the Financial Times and IE Business School), May 2020. Focuses on the “personal purpose” angle.

Why purpose-driven companies succeed. The Employer Branding Podcast, Apr 2020

Green minds Imperial College Business School, Aug 2020

The innovator’s spirit. School for Startups Podcast, Mar 2020

How to do business with purpose London’s Leadership Podcast, Feb 2020

How confirmation biases distort reality Unmessable Podcast, Jan 2020

Webinars and Video Interviews

Responsible Business in a Time of Crisis, May 2020. Joint with PwC Partner and LBS Executive Fellow Tom Gosling, part of the LBS webinar series on “Leading Through a Pandemic”.

  • There were far more questions at the end than we had time to answer (thank you!); we answer the main unanswered ones here.

CRUX Investor, June 2020. Summary

LBS Wheeler Institute for Business and Development, June 2020

Excellence Talks, July 2020

Royal Bank of Canada, Apr 2020

Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation, Apr 2020

Sykes, Apr 2020

ESGX, May 2020. This focuses on the human capital aspect of the book. Brief presentation and then Q&A