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  7. Company Purpose and Profit Need Not be in Conflict if We ‘Grow the Pie’ Economic Affairs 40(2), 287-294, June 2020.  

Sustainability Reporting

  1. The Dangers of Sustainability Metrics. VoxEU
  2. Why Companies Shouldn’t Tie Pay to ESG Metrics. Wall Street Journal

Sustainability Myths

  1. Two Years Later, Has the Business Roundtable Statement Transformed Capitalism? ProMarket
    • Does stakeholder capitalism require sweeping changes to the law?
  2. Does Sustainability Reduce the Cost of Capital? VoxEU
  3. Why Shareholder Capitalism Benefits Wider Society. VoxEU
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    • Is the business case really that strong?
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  6. Response to the European Commission Study of Sustainable Corporate Governance
    • Addresses many common myths about shareholder/stakeholder capitalism

Sustainable Payout Policy

  1. Why many people misunderstand dividends, and the damage it does Wall Street Journal
  2. Should companies be paying dividends right now? Management Today
  3. Why you shouldn’t buy dividend-paying stocks that have taken government support The Telegraph
  4. The case for stock buybacks. Harvard Business Review

Responsible Executive Pay

  1. Simplicity, Transparency, and Sustainability: A New Model for CEO Pay
    • The case for replacing complex bonuses with simple restricted stock
  2. Link Executive Pay to Wider Societal BenefitsFinancial Times

Responsible Investing

  1. Sweeping Statements Don’t Capture Nuance Investment & Pensions Europe
    • A response to Tariq Fancy’s critique of sustainable investing
  2. Interview with Sheila Patel, Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management ESG Amplified
  3. Interview with Aviva Investors
  4. Engaging Responsibly. Interview With Natixis Investors
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  6. Why ESG investing matters to non-ESG investors AlphaWeek


  1. How to Give Shareholders a Say in Corporate Social Responsibility. Wall Street Journal

Growing the Pie

  1. What’s in your hand? How businesses can create social value Board Agenda
    • How all businesses – even those in unrelated industries – can help in the crisis
  2. Coronavirus crisis – the imperative for responsible businesses Entrepreneur Handbook
    • How small businesses – without millions to donate – can play their part
  3. How to truly lead in a crisis Raconteur
  4. Pursuing purpose, not profit, could help businesses grow a bigger pie for all of us City A.M.
  5. Leading by example: How to motivate and inspire your team during the pandemic Forbes
  6. Business has lost the public’s trust ICSA, The Chartered Governance Institute
  7. How business can and should solve social problems Business Fights Poverty
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    • How to put purpose into practice
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  11. Companies need to grow the pie, not worry about how to split it Board Agenda
  12. Social purpose: why investing in and rewarding your employees is all important We Are The City, Mar 2020

Column in Economia

Economia is the magazine of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

  1. Finding the Purpose of Your Business
  2. The Real Problem with Executive Pay
  3. Kodak and the Importance of Proactive Governance
  4. The Power of Different Points of View (on shareholder activism)
  5. Do Buybacks Really Destroy Long-Term Value?
  6. The Danger of Taking Evidence at Face Value
  7. Why Short-Term Trading Can Be Long-Term Stewardship