“Grow the Pie” can be taught in a course, e.g. on corporate governance, responsible business, or sustainability – or as part of a core course if the instructor thinks that responsible business is a core topic that all students might be interested in. Indeed, while it’s not a textbook (but for a general audience), I wrote it so that it could be used in class, as I was launching a new elective in Responsible Business at LBS in May 2020.

I’ve produced a sample slide deck so that instructors don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Of course, individual instructors may wish to edit them heavily, or only use a subset of the slides, but hopefully they may be a useful starting point. Below is a sample slide deck for one lecture and a potential course outline describing all seven decks. Naturally, I would be happy to share all the slides (in Powerpoint rather than PDF) for anyone interested in teaching “Grow the Pie” in a course.

Course Outline

Sample Slide Deck