Below are various talks that I’ve given on responsible business.

  1. How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit. Talks at Google
  2. ESG: Do We Need It and Does It Work? European Corporate Governance Institute / Indiana Institute for Corporate Governance
  3. ESG Investing: Does It Work and How To Do It? LBS AQR Asset Management Institute
  4. Stakeholder Capitalism: The Case For and Against. Debate with Lucian Bebchuk, moderated by the FT’s Gillian Tett
  5. The Promise of Stakeholder Capitalism: Illusory or Real. Debate with Lucian Bebchuk, moderated by the FT’s Gillian Tett
  6. The Power of Purposeful Business. Conversation with the FT’s Andrew Hill
  7. Responsible Business in a Time of Crisis (with Tom Gosling). LBS
  8. Moving from CSR to Responsible Business. LBS Wheeler Institute
  9. Redeploying Expertise and Innovating to Solve Social Problems. LBS Wheeler Institute 

Gresham Lectures

I’m currently serving as the Mercers’ School Memorial Professor of Business at Gresham College. Gresham’s mission is to provide free lectures to the public, similar to how Michael Faraday gave free lectures on science. For 2018-9, my lecture series was on How Business Can Better Serve Society and most of the lectures were based on the book.

  1. Purposeful Business: The Evidence and the Implementation (videosummary)
  2. Executive Pay: What’s Right, What’s Wrong and What Could Be Fixed? (videosummary)
  3. Reforming Corporate Governance (videosummary)
  4. The Stewardship Role of Investors (videosummary)
  5. Does Finance Benefit Society? (videosummary)
  6. Do Mergers and Acquisitions Create or Destroy Value? (videosummary)

Two lectures in my 2019-20 series are relevant to the book:

  1. Critical Thinking (videotranscript)
  2. How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit (video)

Grow the Pie Podcast

In the Grow the Pie podcast series, Dr. Tom Gosling, Executive Fellow at LBS and former Head of PwC’s Reward Practice, grills me on various topics related to the book – in particular, the challenges that companies face when putting purpose into practice, and what the evidence does and does not say.

  1. The Tough Questions for Responsible Business
  2. Is the Evidence for Responsible Business Really so Clear Cut?
  3. Can Paying Shareholders Really Serve Society?
  4. How Should a Responsible Business Pay its CEO?
  5. Do Investors Promote the Long-Term Success of Companies?
  6. What is Purpose and How Can Companies Embrace It?
  7. Can Citizens Make a Difference?
  8. What Can We Learn From Milton Friedman?
  9. Does ESG Investing Work?
  10. New Insights on Responsible Business

Other Podcasts (as guest)

  1. How great companies deliver both purpose and profit MacroHive by Bilal Hafeez, former Global Head of FX and Rates Strategy at Nomura, June 2020. Focuses on responsible business and the role of the financial sector, but expands into my personal journey into responsible business, and interests outside finance.
  2. Grow the pie with purpose AND profit A Sustainable Future (Jason Mitchell, Co-Head of Responsible Investing at Man Group), May 2020. Focuses on the “responsible investing” angle.
    • Short overview on Man Group’s website
  3. The choice between people and profits is a false dichotomyLead from the Heart (Mark Crowley), Apr 2020. Focuses on the “employee well-being” angle
  4. Is capitalism a zero-sum game? American Enterprise InstituteTranscript
  5. Growing purpose and profitDollars and Change (Prof. Katherine Klein, Wharton Vice Dean for Social Impact), May 2020. Focuses on the evidence for responsible business/investing. Is it actually as strong as most people claim?
  6. Purpose is not a luxury and matters more than ever in a crisisPunk CX (Adrian Swincoe), July 2020. 
  7. Corporate purpose: How can companies create social value? Amplified by Federated Hermes, June 2020
  8. The business value of prioritizing purpose Business Group on Health, July 2020
  9. Delivering purpose and profitHeadspring (a joint venture between the Financial Times and IE Business School), May 2020. Focuses on the “personal purpose” angle.
  10. Why purpose-driven companies succeedThe Employer Branding Podcast, Apr 2020
  11. Green minds Imperial College Business School, Aug 2020
  12. The innovator’s spiritSchool for Startups Podcast, Mar 2020
  13. How to do business with purpose London’s Leadership Podcast, Feb 2020
  14. How confirmation biases distort reality Unmessable Podcast, Jan 2020

Other Podcast (as host)

  1. Responsible business in practice. Interview of Sue Garrard, former Executive Vice President at Unilever
  2. Responsible business in start-ups. Interview of Alice Williams, Founder and CEO of Luminary Bakery


  1. Denny Center for Democratic Capitalism, Georgetown Law
  2. CRUX Investor, June 2020
  3. Excellence Talks, July 2020
  4. Royal Bank of Canada, Apr 2020
  5. Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation, Apr 2020
  6. Sykes, Apr 2020
  7. ESGX, May 2020. This focuses on the human capital aspect of the book. Brief presentation and then Q&A